The Story of DJ New Dawn

The Story of DJ New Dawn

Our first artist we signed was DJ New Dawn, an amazing producer whose main strengths in music is in electronic music.

DJ New Dawn first started out in the music industry creating YouTube videos on a YouTube channel called Dawn On Us.
Some of the videos included nightcore, remixes and some original songs.

Recently, in April of 2018, DJ New Dawn started to release music professionally using a distribution service called Horus Music.

DJ New Dawn then went on to create more tracks and release albums and EPs.

In May of 2018, DJ New Dawn helped to create our record label and went on to be signed by us.

What the artist has to say

"In my journey as a musician, I never thought I would go on to help create such an amazing record label and release so many amazing tracks"
- DJ New Dawn

Our Verdict

DJ New Dawn is an amazing artist who has a lot of potential. This is why we signed him to our label.

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